Super Nature 每次都很喜欢做一些让大家目瞪口呆的事情,出乎意料!2010年圣诞节与2011年伊始分别在上海与北京的两场雪佛兰 SPARK 新车上市派对/青年创艺展上大胆放飞出四只飞碟装置,凌空在会场的上空。这四只带着蓝色呼吸光晕的飞碟整场吸引着嘉宾目不转睛并让人大呼过瘾的拍照。它们的底部有着各种灯光动画效果,最大的飞碟内还会投射出互动影像。 这次的装置设计,我们尝试采用未来畅想的概念去结合雪佛兰新车 SPARK 内在属性去创作出超现实感的飞碟造型结合艺术与科技,最后展现在大家面前的就是那种令人感叹的景象,Super Nature 愿意带你们去外太空遨游一下! 噢,对了,本次的作品描述与短片将会更新在我们的主页作品集里,大家请密切关注.

Sometimes, we can't help ourselves being a little theatrical. We love surprises and particularly, giving surprises. And for this time, we decided to send a squadron of UFOs of our own creation to hover above excited crowds at the Spark Launch Party. The Launch Party is a promotional event held between 2010/2011 at Beijing and Shanghai for Chevolet's new car Spark, a compact car aiming at the Chinese young market. With their attractive blue halos of light and entertaining projections, we have to admit our UFOs are quite photogenic and popular. Our design intention is to create a futuristic installation that compliments Spark's vision of blending cutting edge technology with art. So now, our UFOs are ready for a space ride, care to join?

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